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Reality is a big ol’ sledge hammer…

Posted in Uncategorized by LJ Johnson on May 3, 2010


Wait, now I sound like Emeril?

Things have not gone as they should around here for over a year (since I quit doing practically everything once I got sick). I have noticed that K works for just about as long as J works, and then suddenly, no one is working. Today when we got a new weed eater, they both took turns, then K turned on the riding mower, told J to do some of the push mowing (which he did half-assed at best). I decided to do all the weeding I’ve been avoiding because I knew that it would end up making me feel rather sick (lots of bending and straining seems to do that to me).

For the first time in ages, most of the lawn (except the part that has been studiously avoided since last fall) got mowed. I have already resigned myself to having to push-mow that entire section myself since it has raspberry and blueberry bushes and the operating theory is that I am the only human being in the world capable of locating them. So… well.. yeah, that’s how that goes, too.

This family cannot cope with me not doing 90% of what goes on around here. They can’t even pick up their own dirty laundry or trash – what was I, dreaming? when I expected them to actually be able to do yard chores without me going along behind them to do them right?

I have decided that the only way to make this work is to work myself sick, take however many days to recover, then work myself sick again. That way it will be demonstrated I’ve done every darn thing possible, everyone will be motivated to get a heck of a lot more done and I won’t have to wonder if I’ve done enough. I’ll know I’ve done enough because I’ll be in enough pain that I can’t sit up for any length of time and getting to the bathroom to pee without puking on the way will be a major accomplishment. Maybe I’ll even be exhausted enough that I’ll actually sleep through the few drops of urine that trickle into my bladder to wake me up and make me get out of bed again two or three hours after I lay down…

… a girl can dream, right?