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Sleep Deprived Ramblings – Help Me Name My Horse

Posted in Uncategorized by LJ Johnson on May 16, 2014



Lack of sleep clouds our judgment, or maybe our inhibitions.  I’m not sure which.  There’s this little voice saying to me, “Do not be doing this.  Do not blog with so little sleep.  You will not make sense; you might even be whiny.  This is never a good idea.”

Here I am anyhow.  

Last night I tried to write a blog with a little amusement about how hard it is to name a horse.  Now, you wouldn’t think it is hard to name a horse.  If you have pets, you have probably named them, or at least shared naming them (not so with some people who only adopt).  I am not sure what it is about a horse that makes them “feel” different.  

I admit that with all of my pets I try to “know them” first.  The exception of the current crew is Hank, who we were planning to actually just find a home for – he was a stray dumped at our church.  We already had one house dog and two house cats.  We did not need another dog.  You know how it is, though, with boys and dogs.  He was a yellow terrier mix and named after Hank the Cow Dog.  Hank has been here for two years this coming December.  

Back to the horse.  He is a month old today, and he has been mine for three weeks. His dam’s name is Midnight, and his sire’s name is Baheem.  His grandsire is Thee Desperado on his sire’s side.  He is a cute little guy and his mother doesn’t like nursing her foals, so he has already been lucky to survive birth, being rejected, and then developing joint-ill, which is septic arthritis developed as a complication from an infection of the umbilicus.  Between milk replacer and vet appointments, the colt called a “miracle” by his breeder is already getting to be a pricey little guy.  

And he is sweet, and funny, and smart.  Just like most Arabians (I own his older half-brother – same sire, and he likes to grab hold of my hair from behind and see how long it takes me to notice, and I’ve seen him attempt to sneak up on a cat to push it into a water tank).  

I think, with horses, you end up with this kind of respect for them.  You don’t want to pick a name that will somehow disrespect their history or the future working relationship you will have together.  I didn’t have to name my first horse – he was already named by the breeder.  This is my first chance to name a horse, and I want so much to do it right, you know?  

Midnight’s Fiery Blaze has been suggested.  I countered with Midnight’s Blazing Star (he has a star, though part of me thinks naming a horse with a star Star is kind of too predictable).  Often Arabians are named Arabian names, but I don’t know if I want that.  I have considered Celtic names, looked at baby name books…  

It’s getting old calling him “Baby,” and one day, well, he’ll grow out of that.  

You’re welcome to suggest names below!